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Founder’s Blog, July 8 2020: Hello George, Keep the Door Open



BB&T Arena Miami Florida Panthers

It is with great honor and pride that we at National Hockey Now announce beat writer extraordinaire George Richards has joined the family to cover the Florida Panthers. George has covered Florida for as long as we can remember, and we’re thrilled to be the vehicle by which he’ll continue to tell the story.

To the best of our current knowledge, National Hockey Now is the only outlet crazy enough to have a full-time beat writer in Florida. Our friends at the big subscription site pulled out. The newspapers have primarily pulled out, too.

That leaves lonesome George. *Cue Bad to the Bone, which also seems fitting too.

We do need you to subscribe to your favorite site, Florida, Colorado, Boston, or Pittsburgh. This hasn’t been an easy time for media, especially sports media, as sports fans are preoccupied with more significant matters. That’s led to a great loss in revenues across the industry, and we’re no exception.

It’s essential to subscribe to Florida because there probably isn’t enough internet traffic to sustain professional coverage, at least not in this era. Subscriptions are the key to keeping Florida Hockey Now viable.

The family now includes heavyweights Adrian Dater, George Richards, and Jimmy Murphy. I don’t dare put myself in the same public sphere as those guys, but Pittsburgh Hockey Now does pretty well.

National Hockey Now has reached agreements with other writers across the league to cover their teams, but through some issues, the timing wasn’t right to announce those today. We have three more outlets coming, and we hope to add as many as five before Gary Bettman awards the Stanley Cup.

So, today is George’s day. He’s so well connected that his first story is a one-on-one with the Panthers GM. How’s that for clout?

Cheers. We’ll talk again soon.

Dan Kingerski
President, National Hockey Now

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