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We Know the Way: Welcome San Jose to National Hockey Now



The growing march of National Hockey Now seems like a full sprint now. Two months ago, we were searching for a couple of beat writers who could captivate their market with good stories. Sure, we wanted the big-name free agents like George Richards, but we opened our search, and we found a writer we couldn’t wait to work with, and San Jose Hockey Now was born.

Welcome, Sheng Peng, to the National Hockey Now family.

Sheng went the new old-school way to this job. Sheng began blogging for bigger blog sites and worked his way to the top of those sites. The combination of our new writer realizing he wanted to move up in the business and the ridiculously oppressive new law in California, AB5, which cost thousands the jobs of thousands of freelance writers, our paths crossed at the right time. hit the ground running. Sheng’s traffic and subscriptions in the first 36 hours well exceeded our projections.

The San Jose Sharks won’t hit the ice for nearly five months, but free agency, the draft, and training camp will keep Sheng busy and his subscribers entertained.

We thank the Reddit users who immediately jumped to Sheng’s support and the thousands of readers who have already checked out San Jose Hockey Now.

Sheng is now part of the family, which includes long time beat writers Adrian Dater in Colorado, George Richards in Florida, and long-time media folks Jimmy Murphy in Boston, and me in Pittsburgh.

Two more are coming…

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