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Founders Blog: Record Traffic! National Hockey Now Network Hiring



Thank you. For the second consecutive month, the National Hockey Now network will achieve record traffic. Our sites in Pittsburgh, Boston, San Jose, and Colorado will all break previous records, and the National Hockey Now network continues to break revenue records, too.

Thank you!

In just our first full season and several new sites just getting started, the network should achieve close to 3,000,000 readers this month, in addition to our several thousand subscribers. The company has bootstrapped its way to profitability.

We are also excited by the progress of new writers in Philadelphia (Ryan Gilbert) and Sheng Peng (San Jose). Both are adapting well to the semi-traditional side of the industry after distinguished work in the blogosphere.

NHN is working on expanding our broadcast presence in both the local markets and on national platforms in the near future. Big things are ahead!

The National Hockey Now network is also hiring.

We are looking for the following:

*Beat Writers in Dallas, Washington, Minnesota, Seattle, Toronto, Montreal, Buffalo, and New Jersey.

  • Some market presence and social media following are necessary to be successful.
  • Salary and commissions are commensurate with market, experience, and profit potential.

*Web content writer capable of interesting stories and fast turnaround. Must KNOW hockey, be able to write about multiple teams, and have a solid grasp of AP style (Present tense and overuse of broadcast cliches are disqualifiers).

  • Hourly wage. Samples required.
  • Bonus points for quick video production and GIF creation.

*We are also seeking additional conversations with business consultants who have venture capital experience.

Please direct inquiries, applications, or recommendations to me, NHN President Dan Kingerski.

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