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Founder’s Message No. 1, June 2020



National Hockey Now


Thanks for finding National Hockey Now. The corporate umbrella site isn’t much, yet. Over the past 12 months, we have been quietly and conservatively growing our business. Three years ago, we began in Pittsburgh as the next chapter of my hockey and media career which spans 20 years (and counting).

Our first site, Pittsburgh Hockey Now, is often the top-ranked Pittsburgh Penguins news outlet. Colorado Hockey Now, with Adrian Dater, exploded onto the scene in June of 2019 and earned over 500 subscribers in its first two days. And, our crew at Boston Hockey Now have helped to break some of the most important national stories and trade scoops.

We specialize in hockey, from all angles. Like McDonald’s, which started with just burgers and fries, we too know our strengths, and we don’t complicate things.

Sadly, on June 5, 2020, we saw a large national outlet purge too many good writers. This came on the heels of a purge of professional writers in the blogosphere, too. Our plan isn’t to grow too fast or recklessly, but if you are one of the displaced writers, we welcome a conversation. Email me, Or DM me, @thedankingerski.

(I apologize for the Twitter handle. A zealous Twitter troll took every variation of my name, except that one).

Recent world events have squeezed our business, too. However, our finance and revenue models allowed our business to grow. Soon, we will be announcing at least three new sites.

Stay tuned!

And that’s just the beginning. As we add more good writers, National Hockey Now will continue to grow.

Our revenues aren’t shuffled around a national corporation and redistributed. Instead, revenues stay local, and we reward our writers for their hard work. So thank you, readers, and subscribers. The dollar you give goes to the writer in your city to keep the best coverage of your team.

Thanks for visiting.

— Dan

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